It has given me more confidence in who I am in Christ and allowed me to hear more clearly from the Lord. I used to only hear Him thru the Spirit saying “yes” in certain circumstances, now I hear him speaking to me all the time! C.T.

After Sozo, I seem to have a clearer view of what is happening around me.  I am no longer overly concerned with the opinions of others. This has given me the ability to prioritize my life in a way that is healthier for the family.  During my Sozo I was able to get a clearer vision of the Holy Spirit and came out with a deeper understanding of his role in our lives.  I feel more connected to God, myself, and others.  J.T.

I was led to a place of new freedom in relating to God as my father and protector and provider.  I came away with a deeper sense of how good God is and how much love he has to offer me. L.N.

God has revealed to me many different areas in my past that needed healing and restoration. Through my obedience to Him I have seen healing of past wounds as well as freedom from lies that were spoken over me. It has enabled me to live a fuller life, free from those things to have a more connected relationship to the godhead. It has also helped me to be a better friend, husband and father. T.C.

During a Sozo training session, God healed a relationship that had been a struggle for me for a long time. It was just a short practice, but God showed up and completely restored a difficult situation that I had not been able to resolve for years – all in 5 minutes. This is just one of the many freedoms I’ve experienced through Sozo. V.C.

Last Wed. nite was really awesome.  I’m finding out Jesus is the one really doing this stuff.  I went to bed that nite with tears in my eyes over the fact that Jesus, in all of His infinite glory, Lord of Lords, Kings of Kings, sitting at the right hand, etc.,etc., is still a servant.  He met us with a towel and basin!  I find myself asking the question, “Jesus will you show………….”(during the SOZO session) and He does.  It’s amazing love! – D

“Uplifting, breakthrough, joy, love. There is no way to describe how I feel now – I am happier” – S.A.

“Baggage gone – freedom to move forward. Great!” – K.A.

“I can pray now and worship with pure freedom and peace. It is the single best thing that happened since I was saved. Everybody should do this.” – S.B.

“Very healing. I’m feeling a peace and discernment for the area I was coming up against. I already recommended this to three people I know and it is only Monday!” – D.P.

“Thinking that used to distort my view of God is gone. SOZO helped bring out this issue that Satan had used for so long.” – M.C.

I have been hooked on drugs and alcohol for quite sometime. Most of my life was a struggle. It seems like all I’ve ever known is a downward spiral. Giving my life to Jesus was the biggest change I ever experienced. He took care of so much junk in me! But I never could shake my addiction to Heroin.

I’ve been to AA and NA, and I even flunked out of Teen Challenge. But, I never could get freedom from the Heroin…until the SOZO. Since my SOZO, I have been totally drug free, and haven’t even had any cravings! …Thank you For the first time in my life, I am excited about waking up every day…” – Anon

“I witnessed the love and compassion of God through people who were willing to listen and pray with me.” – M.D.

“I am more aware and secure in Jesus’ love for me. He is always with me in an intimate way. I have encouraged all my friends to do this.” – P.F.

“Now I’ve got artillery to aim back at the enemy! I recognize the lies and now have faith that I am capable to walk through this. Its life-giving.”  – I.G.

“This freedom is a new starting point. Those things I confessed – and everything else – is forgiven. It was safe, non-threatening, and loving for me.” – E.G.

“Goooooooood. Jesus was revealed on a whole new level. Freedom!” – C.H.

“Much needed. Powerful! It opened up my heart of compassion for those who hurt me.” – C.L.

“I had a real encounter with God Himself and experienced Him breaking things off of me. I have new freedom from things God never intended me to have to live with. I believe through SOZO people can really get free.” – V.J.

“I had joy throughout the day and peace inside after my session. Fantastic!” – S.J.

“I feel like many doors that needed to be shut are now closed. I think this would benefit anyone.” – N.O.

“Everything has been kicked up a notch. Its like going to a brand new level. My gifts seem to have jumped up. The blessing spoken over me was amazing.” – T.S.

“I’m still processing it but, as cheesy as it sounds, the air smells better and I breath easier.”  – N.S.

“I always knew God loved me. But now I know he likes me! What a difference that makes!” – F.D.

“My daughter is not the same woman. 10 years of abuse had devastated her life. My little girls is back. Thank you Jesus!”  – L.L.

“I never dreamed how participating in SOZO would change me. I not the same!”- A. F.

“I never thought I would recieve such a huge blessing. I immediately went right back to my childhood & was touched in areas I never knew existed. I don’t think I have felt this free in my entire life. I was reflecting during my quiet time and was impressed that the three ladies represented the father, son and holy spirit to me. I’m sure our father in heaven was applauding saying “well done, good and faithful servants”. Thank you so much having this ministry in our church.” – A. L.

“The most powerful thing for me was that the Spirit spoke specific words to root level issues and cleared a major wall in my life. I was able to see the Father when I thought it wasn’t possible. ‘He has time for me!’ Thank you so much. I want everyone to get this close.”   – Alice C.

Question; How would you describe the “fruit” or result of this ministry time?

Answer; “Good!!!!!!!”